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Become a partner of Astute Licensing, create a new revenue stream and make happier customers 

Astute is always looking to work with new partners.


We are looking for partners who either provide software reselling, implementation, support, procurement or consultancy services, either vertically market aligned or offering geographical coverage.


In exchange, we offer a new market approach that can generate annually repeatable new revenue for you, and a happier customer.


We find many end-user customers, who are responsible for software contract agreements are kept up at night, worrying about licensing risk, issues that could be uncovered in vendor audits, resulting in expensive, unexpected spend from poor license utilization. As a partner, supported alongside by us, you are uniquely placed to help take away these problems by providing a contract governance service to cover the agreements, protecting the customer from these problems.


Our technology ensures customers have great contract governance for Oracle agreements, which leads to tangible savings for them on license spend, optimization opportunities, and most importantly, zero licensing risks.  


What this means for end user customers and their leadership, is the confidence that the agreements they have invested in are not creating compliance problems; monthly reports that show value, risk and opportunities and an ultimately a worry-free existence when it comes to managing software.


We have a comprehensive partner program in place to support you and your organisation to any size or scale, in addition, we can enable your sales and support teams as a partner.


There are no set-up costs or partner license fees to consider and we provide an NFR license for your support team.

For Service Providers partners, our technology can be delivered as a managed service to your customers.

Our technology can be white labelled and customized to the look and feel of your organisation should that be required.

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Benefits of being an Astute Contract Optimizer partner

Earn a substantial, yearly repeating commission for sales


Identifying potential over-use before it happens and leaves you exposed.


Create a new, yearly repeatable revenue consultancy stream.


Astutes detailed on boarding program will have you an your org ready in weeks


Help them save time, money and effort on software renewals.


Visibility, control and analytics within our live value driven dashboard. 

Optimization Services

Services you can offer to your customers with Astute Contract Optimizer, either directly or with Astute supporting you.

Single Contract Managed Service

Our core offering - A managed Service for single contract where we can help manage contract throughout the life of the agreement, controlling demand, tracking usage and value, preventing risk and supporting your negotiation strategy.

Contract Baseline Position

Help you understand what you have used so far from you agreement, capturing all of the important business information and IT detail points. We will interpret and load your agreement into the Contract Optimizer platform, capturing the key terms, restrictions and use rights to ensure compliant usage. 

Vendor Saving Assessment

Short assessment project to work with you and your business to assess the validity of possible savings.  

Vendor Saving Delivery

Delivery project based on output of Assessment project, supporting and guiding your business to achieve savings. 

Cloud Cost Optimization services

 Improve the cost-effectiveness of your Cloud application and management. 

Why work with Astute?
  • No software vendor kick backs, trust worthy, independent experts.

  • Get access to the best resources to support your contract optimization activities.

  • Over experts have saved over $500m whilst working in Pharma, Banking, Public sector, manufacturing, Water Industry and more.

  • Our solutions drive measurable and tangible results for you. We start with a single vendor, so its low cost to prove the value.

  • Drawing on our specialist experience, effective processes, and award-winning technology, we’ll become active partners at every stage of the software life cycle.

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